Our Mission

To lift the Pastor up in Prayer; to meet the needs of the Pastor, First Lady and their children by providing moral, spiritual, and financial support.

Our Goal

The Pastoral Ministry purpose is to providing necessary support to the Pastor and his family within the church with; encouraging words, prayers, and other actions of love, such as; spearheading the church in celebrating the Pastor’s Anniversary, birthday, special occasions, extending hospitality to visiting ministers, their families and guests, and to assist the Pastor in fulfilling his goals for the Church and Community.

The Members of this ministry will maintain a persona that is acceptable to our Pastor, our congregation but above all others, to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ministry Members

Sis. Louise Thompson, President
Sis. Norma Middlebrook, Secretary
Sis. Emma J. Delk
Sis. Dorothy Flemming
Sis. Linda Jones